In a continuation of sneak peaks of the forthcoming Opeth DVD, Shazam have posted a clip from In Live Concert At The Royal Albert Hall over at their infamous blog.

In this clip, we not only get to see a little more live footage from the landmark show, but Mikael Åkerfeldt tells us more about the six shows the band played across the globe in celebration of their 20th Anniversary, as well as his nervousness in playing the memorable Royal Albert Hall venue. 


In Live Concert At The Royal Albert Hall hits UK stores this coming Tuesday, September 21st. You can pre-order the stunning set online in the format of your choice at this location.

The footage for the DVD was recorded on April 5th, 2010. Frontman Mikael Åkerfeldt said of the concert:

“Opeth had a magical night playing the Royal Albert Hall. It was a dream come true, and now afterwards, it still feels like a dream. We got it all on film, and this, our third live recording and DVD might be my personal favourite. One couldn’t help to think of all the fantastic artists that played there over the years. Looking back at this night of celebration brings me fond memories of our 20th anniversary—this package is the delayed birthday present. Enjoy!”