We asked a bunch of our artists to fill out a brief survey telling us the highlights (and lowlights) of their year. Here's what Opeth frontman Mikael Åkerfeldt had to say:

Best show you played: Damn, we did our 156th show for the Heritage tour yesterday [November 27], so I can't remember. Last good "heavy" show was in Brussels, Belgium, and last good "mellow" show was in Bochum, Germany.

Best show you saw: I'll be honest with you and say a tiny fucking show featuring Lee Kerslake from Uriah Heep in Stockholm. He played with our keyboardist, Joakim Svalberg, and some other good musicians. Maybe I was drunk or happy or something, but it was just real fucking good, I thought. I get bored at shows but this one was fun.

Favorite thing you ate/drank: Probably some BBQ in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Favorite song of 2012: Maybe one of my own, but that sounds arrogant, right?

Most interesting interview question you were asked this year: Not the above one anyways. Maybe "Tell me about your band" or something completely shit like that.

Place you visited for the first time: Quite a few actually. Some Eastern Bloc countries, the Maldives, China, South Korea, Taiwan. Might have been last year, actually. I can't remember.

Biggest celebrity you met: Probably Orianthi. We had dinner with the PRS endorsees. I think she said hi back to me, but that was definitely it.

Moment you wish you could "do over": A bunch of show fuck-ups, but I don't care for those. I can get caught in downward spirals, so there are countless.

Personal highlight of the year: The year has been pretty shit for me personally, ha ha, but some good moments. Being with my kids. Traveling. Playing some nice shows.