Opeth singer/guitarist Mikael Åkerfeldt just posted the following update on the band's website:

"OK, just a brief note to say thanks to everyone that came and saw us during the Ghost Reveries world tour 2005/2006. 19 months of touring, pretty much. We're gonna post all the dates on Opeth.com soon and it will look insane! What the hell are we doing?

"Anyways, I have enjoyed myself quite a lot even though I've been away from my family. Now I'll have a lot of down time to make it up to them. I will also practice my playing like an idiot and try to write material for more than one record. Studio is set up and running. Just gotta finish 'Scarface' for the PS2 and then I'm on it!

"Thanks once again to all of you for your support!"

~ Mikael

The special-edition CD/DVD of Ghost Reveries (featuring the bonus track "Soldier of Fortune," the entire album remixed in 5.1 Surround Sound, and a 40-minute doc of the makings of the LP) is in stores now, and the band also filmed their November 9th show at the Roundhouse in London for a possible DVD.

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