First off, happy release day to Corey and Jim's Stone Sour project. The band's debut release is in stores now... Make that a double, for as you already know, Joey's Murderdolls debut - Beyond The Valley Of The Murderdolls - is now officially one week old on the racks... Make it a triple? Clown's discovery downthesun will be hitting stores October 1st. The band is currently in the midst of the H82K2 Tour with Slayer, Soulfly, and In Flames. This tour will run up until 09/14, where it will end on said night in Seattle. The next night, downthesun will be headlining their own show at Satryicon in Portland, OR. After that? Future tour plans are in the works...Hey, and if you're gonna see downthesun on the Slayer tour, GET THERE EARLY...whatever door time is stated on the ticket, go one hour prior... and watch out for the downthesun debut video...coming real soon...couple a days soon... In other news, tomorrow night in Austria (08/29) will be the last of the week-long Slipknot European tour run. Have you seen any of the shows? Word from the Reading Festival in the UK this past Sunday night (08/25) tells of an "electrifying" show. "Throughout the show there were 3 huge mosh pits going off simultaneously." Oh, and one more tidbit of information from the show: Clown reverted back to his original mask (actually 3rd mask) - no pentagrams, spikes or blood - just a plain old clown mask. True.