Before there were all of these bands chunking out with moshpit-ready breakdowns and Maiden-inspired harmonies, it was Long Island's Vision of Disorder and Massachussetts' Overcast leading the way! Well, if you happen to be on the East Coast this weekend, both are playing reunion gigs this Sunday, April 23rd. For those up in the New England area, Mike D. from Killswitch Engage is reuniting with his Overcast brethren including, Brian Fair from Shadows Fall and Pete Cortese of Seemless for a pre-Metal Fest show at Cabot Street: 6 Cabot St. Chicopee, MA. It's a wam-up show for next Saturday's Worcester Metal Fest appearance! If you happen to be in the NYC area, VOD will be headling this year's Superbowl of Hardcore at Club Spirit: 530 W. 27th St on Sunday afternoon. Just to make it a real Superbowl kinda affair, the likes of Underdog, Killing Time and Crown of Thornz will also be making return appearances. Sunday, bloody Sunday indeed!