Ill Nino has been confirmed to play the upcoming Ozzfest UK show - Donington Park on Saturday, May 25th. The band will be appearing on the Kerrang! stage, alongside Hundred Reasons, Mushroomhead, Nonpoint, Mad Capsule Markets, Danko Jones, and others yet to be confirmed. On the mainstage for this UK show will be Ozzy (but, of course), Slayer (yes, the ultimate band does exist), Tool, System Of A Down, & Cradle Of Filth. In total, there promises to be 26 bands across 3 stages - 2 outdoor, and 1 indoor. And this can be all yours for a mere 37 pounds! Can you believe it? Order now and we'll throw in a gift for signing up now. Seriously, tickets are on sale now. Nerds interested (and we mean that in the nicest possible way) can purchase online at