Ozzy vs Black Sabbath! This special Skullsessions podcast continues on where episode #24 left off. This is the Black Sabbath Part II episode but with a bit of a twist. Joining us on this episode is the renowned former Blizzard Of Ozz bassist and songwriter Bob Daisley, who not only was an integral part of the Blizzard of Ozz/Ozzy Osbourne sound but was also a one-time member of Black Sabbath. Also on this episode is Skull Sessions regular Martin Popoff and newcomer Jon Satterley of Roadrunner Records. The four discuss the Sabbath catalog from 1980’s Heaven And Hell record to the latest H&H album The Devil As You Know as well as Bob Daisley’s career performing and recording with Ozzy and the parallels between the Blizzard Of Ozz catalog and the Sabbath catalog.

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