Since starting the recording of their 3rd LP on May 29th, Coal Chamber has a lot to show for their time. After speaking with vocalist Dez today (06/15), we are told that they have completed recording the drums and bass for all tracks. In fact, Rayna is flying home to Atlanta today "to hang out with her beautiful, young daughter who is 1 ½ years old," Dez tells. He also tells that Meegs will be starting to lay down the guitar tracks tomorrow (06/16). Not to save all the vocals until the end, Dez will start laying down the voice tracks this upcoming Wednesday. "This is really kind of a feeling album, so I want to track as we go." Dez continues to tell "It's really a non-stop album. Hearing it is to be like hearing us live. All are very anthem like songs." The band will be recording 14 songs in total, of which only 11 or 12 will show up on the LP, titled Dark Days. As with every band in all recording sessions, there MUST be a problem. However, as Dez tells, the problem here will be deciding which 2-3 tracks to cut from the album and save as b-sides. Producer Ross Hogarth adamantly agrees. Hmmm, now that is actually a good problem to have. Track titles include "One Step Forward", "Drove", and "Alienate Me".