Tonight (04/05) Killswitch Engage will be playing the main stage of the 4th Annual New England Metal And Hardcore Festival. Their set time is 8:30pm. The festival is a two day affair, one which has zapped my Roadrunner employees away from the office today. Live in Massachusetts, or there about? Get in a car and get up to Worcester, MA. The Worcester Palladium, in particular. Hell, even dudes from J-E-R-S-E-Y (Jersey City, in particular) are making the drive. What is this Metalfest? As the Hartford Advocate states, it's "a two-day event that showcases metal's most revered bands and makes Ozzfest look like a kindergarten recital." Ohhhh. So, you think yur hard? You think yur metal? Check out this event. You can also check out the rest of the words where the above quote was taken from by clicking HERE. And for a full listing of other acts playing this festival, the official New England Metal and Hardcore Festival site can be found HERE.