Corey - "I get letters signed in blood all the time from girls who want me to punch them in the face and throw them in cages..." " Australia, we were doing an in-store, and these three huge guys come running up, throw their shirts off, turn around, and carved in their backs was PEOPLE. EQUAL. SHIT. And then - this is the kicker - they hand us the videotape of them doing it!" The above quote was taken from a great article on Slipknot in the upcoming #2 issue of MAXIM presents BLENDER. Check it out, you will not be able to miss the cover, there is a great picture of Gwen from No Doubt (speaking of which, why their bassist ever dropped the hammer on their relationship is a huge question mark...check out the cover and you'll agree). The article entitled "Wouldn't You Like To Be A Maggot, Too?" is well worth the read. It starts from the very beginning and ends with present will learn something about Slipknot you did not know before... IOWA in stores NOW - one last side note on the article in MAXIM presents BLENDER - concerning the quote from Trent Reznor, we give you a smile for the day: "Slipknot win my approval. I'd much rather see them than fucking Creed, or a disposable rap-rock crew going, 'Look how mad we are - we're fat kids from California!"