Pestilence were one of the most interesting death metal bands ever. Constantly evolving and changing over the course of their four Roadrunner albums, the Dutch group moved from gritty thrash on 1988's Malleus Maleficarum, to progressive death metal on 1989's Consuming Impulse and 1991's Testimony of the Ancients, finally winding up somewhere between technical death metal and jazz fusion on 1993's Spheres. Despite numerous lineup changes, the vision of bandleader Patrick Mameli always dominated. (The video for the Spheres track "Mind Reflections" is above.)

Check out every one of Pestilence's albums on our site, and you'll find a selection of classic death metal tracks on SoundCloud that you can headbang to. Here are the links:

Malleus Maleficarum (Get it on iTunes)

Consuming Impulse (Get it on iTunes)

Testimony of the Ancients (Get it on iTunes)

Spheres (Get it on iTunes)