Dream Theater guitarist John Petrucci was interviewed by Pollstar recently, and discussed a variety of subjects, from the band's first-ever Grammy nomination (for "On the Backs of Angels," from A Dramatic Turn of Events) to their overseas popularity and more.

Says Petrucci about the Grammy nomination, "We’ve been doing this for 26 years or so...If you continue doing something that you know is right in your heart and what you want to do as a musician and an artist, and you don’t compromise that – that’s the best thing. You get the respect and the loyalty of listeners and fans around the world because it’s kind of a back-and-forth-type of relationship, and that’s probably the most important thing to us, the thing we value the most. At the same time, to get recognized in this capacity with the Grammys and Recording Academy is also another nice kind of validation, just another way of saying that what we’re doing is special and meaningful and important and relevant on a different level."

Regarding the band's upcoming tour, he says, "I certainly hope that people enjoy the new songs and, based on the reactions that we got here in the U.S. and Canada and Mexico, I have a positive feeling about it. I’m looking forward to the tour. Europe is always great because it’s so diverse. The different areas we go to, the people react different, and you know you’re kind of really quickly experiencing all these different cultures while playing in those different environments. It’s pretty amazing."

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