So, this past Friday (12/28) found the man behind The Production Gospel According To Dave driving around near the streets of Philadelphia. Picture this - it's 1:00am, and the man is driving whilst listening to WYSP (94.1 fm). The 'Rockers' show, hosted by Matt & Huggy is, what are we trying to say??? Well, the reason Dave mentioned his Friday night drive is because the DJ's were taking calls from listeners to vote on the metal album for the year 2001. The choices? Slipknot's IOWA, Ill Nino's Revolution...Revolucion, and System Of A Down's Toxicity. Pretty cool, ya? Much like Meatloaf once sang, 2 of out 3 ain't bad...ain't bad at all. miscellaneous rants from Ill Nino's A&R Rep - "I've heard the sound of the future, and it speaks Spanish". "The most important Spanish speaking band in the English speaking world". Oh, and just what was Dave doing driving around the streets of Philadelphia at 1:00am? He tells he was driving home from work. Sure Dave...sure...just like Eddie Murphy occasionally goes out for donuts at 3:00am... Slipknot's IOWA and Ill Nino's Revolution...Revolucion in stores now