So what's been a happening? Let's show ya (click on the band names to get to the picture pages): Chimaira - a double shot of photo updates for you on this act. The first 7 photos you will see were taken from the Pass Out Of Existence photoshoot in Cleveland, back in May. The next four pics are what we promised, shots from this past Sunday's (08/19) Riverfront Rampage show in New Jersey. Pass Out Of Existence in stores October 2nd Ill Nino - more of the previously promised Riverfront Rampage shots, four of them in total. If you look closely enough, you will notice that whoever took these pics (ummm, RO) apparently has some sort of a crush on Roger (he is basically the only person in these shots). Is this true Ro? Regardless, speaking of Roger, we are about due for a "MR. ROGER'S RETURN TO THE HOOD" update. Perhaps when Ill Nino is in town next week, Roger will stop by to fill us in... Revolution...Revolucion in stores September 18th Dry Kill Logic - 9 pics just added to their gallery, all courtesy of RO, all taken at their most recent show this past Friday (08/17) at New Jersey's infamous Birch Hill. By the way, RO did a fabulous job on these photos...some real great shots. The Darker Side Of Nonsense in stores stop Europe (see TOUR section), AND MAKE SURE TO VOTE ON THE WINNERS OF THE NIGHTMARE CONTEST HERE Spineshank - say goodbye to Ozzfest for this is a look at the last Ozzfest show, four pics taken at the final show on August 12th in Jersey. ahhh Jersey, but of course! The Height Of Callousness collectors edition digi in stores September stop Europe (see TOUR section) hey, and speaking of photos, my kingdom for a new PIT photo to put up on the front page. Don't get us wrong, we love seeing that cat wearing the black wifebeater in the current IN THE PIT photo, but it has been up there long enough! Send us something fresh to your PIT photo to [email protected]. First cat to send one in that we use next will get a little something in the mail.