When Methods of Mayhem mainman Tommy Lee was in town promoting the release of his long-awaited sophomore album for Methods, A Public Disservice Announcement, we thought it best to show the rock star who's seen and done it all something new: We took Lee on a tour of the Museum of Sex.

With tracks on the new album like "All I Wanna Do" -- which Tommy cites, "It’s just nasty for the sake of being fun. You’ve got to have a good sex song on the record. If you don’t you kind of suck right?” -- we thought it nothing short of appropriate, so with the museum's curator leading the charge, we followed Tommy around this wonderworld to see his reaction to the educational exhibits. Tommy commented via twitter, "What a spot!! when in NYC ya'll must visit!! thanks guys.....even I learned a few thangs!"

Check out some photos from the day below, and stay tuned for the all access video of Tommy Lee at the Museum of Sex coming this Monday!

A Public Disservice Announcement is out NOW. Go right here to get your copy of the eclectic album in collaboration with the whole world.