So, what's going on in Atlanta today? Our art director flew on down there earlier this morning, to meet with the boys from doubleDrive. Topics of discussion? Tomorrow's (10/16) photoshoot and album art. Where will doubleDrive's inaugural photoshoot with Roadrunner take place? "We don't know," replies dD guitarist/vocalist Donnie. Actually, they do have a couple ideas, one including some bridge/tunnel location on the way to Cabbage Town. True. But, know that locations will be scouted today. Jonathon Mannion will be residing over tomorrow's shoot. Weather for the photoshoot? Well, reports from Atlanta tell it is raining on and off today...come to think of it, that was the weather yesterday in NYC whilst our art director was still here. Coincidence? As for the music, we were truthful when telling the doubleDrive album would be mastered last most certainly was. However, a slight sequence change has been made (ditching "Fed Up" in favor of "The Hand"...something about the use of the English language). The band received the new master just this morning, and this should be to be the final sequence.