Porcupine Tree frontman Steven Wilson took a seat in the iconic red seats of the prestigious Radio City Music Hall in New York City hours before his band was to hit the stage for their special show on September 24th, 2010. Having just completed soundcheck, and as the light show went through a test run behind the camera, Wilson explained how the show came about, what it was like to walk out on that huge stage for the first time, and what surprises he had in store for the 6000 lucky ticket holders that night.

"It's one of those venues that spans generations and spans different styles of entertainment and different styles of music such that pretty much everyone has heard of it. So it's almost like as we say in England, a feather in your cap to have played at Radio City Music Hall. Like a badge of honor, you know." 

Watch below to see what else Wilson had to say, and scroll down further to see footage of the band's soundcheck and more backstage insights from the special show in NYC.