So everyone who knows producer, Jason Suecof, knows that he is one funny m'fer. He made a (HILARIOUS) singing/screaming audition video for Daath, which he says, "was inspired by all of the other contestants out there". Jason has worked with bands such as God Forbid, Devil Driver, Bury your Dead, Trivium, If hope dies, Chimaira, Daath, All That Remains, Lennon Murphy and many more as well as countless local acts from a variety of musical styles.

Check the video out here.

*Please Note* - The dude eating spaghetti in the background is his engineer & video editor, Ronn Miller.

To send an audition to Daath

Download Vocal-free tracks for "Cosmic Forge," "Ovum" and "Subterfuge" here:

- Cosmic Forge

- Ovum

- Subterfuge

Submissions should be sent to: [email protected]

For more info on Jason Suecof's work, check out his studio's myspace page.