Welcome to Roadrunner's Question of the Week! As its name implies, we're going to ask you, the public, a question every week. If you've got an opinion on the subject under discussion, share it below.

Here's this week's question: Have you ever attended a show by a tribute band - that is, a group that dresses up like a famous band and plays their music, whether straightforwardly or in some slightly twisted fashion (like the all-female Lez Zeppelin or the all-dwarf Mini-KISS)? Would you ever attend a tribute band's show? If so, why?

Before you answer, here are some thoughts on the whole concept from Trivium's Matt Heafy:

"As far as tribute bands go, I've seen only a couple local kinds live - but the Internet seems to be the best place for 'tributes' to thrive.

"A mind-blowing Trivium cover that I saw on YouTube was one person, on piano, playing all the main themes of our song 'Shogun.' That cover took our own song in such a unique direction, it was as if I were hearing a new song for the first time.

"The cover inspired us to play the song live."

Now tell us what you think!