If you have been astute observer of all that is posted on the Roadrunner site, you'd have noticed in our NEW RELEASES section that there is an upcoming July release titled Various-Sountrack || Faust. So what is that release? Well, question no longer! We have dived into the world of Soundtracks, and this is the soundtrack for the upcoming movie titled Faust. And, this quite possibly could be considered the Ultimate Metal Compilation. The movie Faust - which is due to be released in the states come the end of August - is a classic horror flick in the vein of SPAWN meets DEMON KNIGHTS (you know the flick, with funny guy Dennis Miller and porn goddess Chasey Lain), based upon the underground, yet immensely popular comic book by Tim Vigil. It is a virtual splatterfest filled with disembowelment, decapitations, and enough bare breasts to set your watch to! And as for the soundtrack? We will be releasing the Faust soundtrack on July 24th...a soundtrack which really needs no talking up, see the track listing and decide for yourself! The 19 song wet dream fer the ear track listing is as follows - 1. Fear Factory - Replica 2. Coal Chamber - Loco 3. Brujeria - Colas de Rata 4. Sepultura - Old Earth 5. Type O Negative - Everyone I Love is Dead 6. Machine Head - Take My Scars 7. Vision of Disorder - By the River 8. Obituary - Chopped in Half 9. Cradle of Filth - From the Cradle to Enslave 10. Soulfly - Bleed 11. Ill Nino - Nothing's Clear 12. Spineshank - Asthmatic 13. Sepultura - Choke 14. Amen - Everything is Untrue 15. Glassjaw - Babe 16. Nailbomb - For Fuck's Sake 17. Deicide - Bible Basher 18. Carnivore - Sex & Violence 19. Fear Factory - Timelessness Makes one think why we waited for a movie soundtrack to come up with such a release! more to come, as you can expect many contests and what not in the future revolving around this soundtrack and movie. In the meantime, you can check out the FAUST page here on the Roadrunner site for pics from the movie and a bio.