If you could look around the Roadrunner office here in New York right now (right now being 6:50pm on 01/08), you'd see some people getting ready to leave for the night. What do all these people have in common? Big jackets, scarves & hats. It's cold in this town right now. Well, a line was told today which fits right along with the weather. Today's Quote Of The Day comes from Ill Nino's vocalist Cristian Machado. Ill Nino just so happens to be playing in Denver tonight. His words are as follows: "The crowds have been 'on fire' but the weather has been 'freezing' up here. Did I ever tell you guys that I hate the cold weather? I HATE THE COLD WEATHER." Cristian, we share your pain. Stick it out my good man, as you will be in Cali before the week is over... For a full listing of where Ill Nino will be playing, check out our TOUR section. debut release Revolution...Revolucion in stores now