Who here loves the Midwest? All of you all should be saying yes right about now...how could you not? Farms, vast lands of flat & cold nothings, deer huntin', ice fisin,', bowlin', car racin' (there is a track in Milwaukee), motorcycles, beer, brats (spelling? doesn't matter, ya don't spell 'em son, ya eat 'em), That 70's Show (takes place in Wisconsin), great town names, Laverne & Shirley, Roseanne, Happy Days, Wayne's World, a great accent, deep fried everything, butter burgers, the Packers, da Bears, and farmers' daughters. The Midwest, we love it... Anyway, today's quote comes from Anyone's bassist Static. Anyone recently played shows in Midwest hot spots Omaha and Madison, and had a day off yesterday in which some of the Anyone cats checked out Golf Dome. Well, in regards to Madison, Static relayed the following, "I love this town". Static, you're not in Orange County anymore...and by the way, we love it too. random Milwaukee fact - Want to dodge the lines at the supermarket? Go on Sunday's during a Packers' football game - nobody is in the stores on Packers' Sundays...it's true. random Milwaukee fact II - nationwide, Milwaukee ranked #3 for most amount of people watching the opening ceremonies of the 2002 Winter Olympics...it's true.