Earlier today, a cd containing three audio mixes was delivered straight from London...those three audio mixes being "Liberate", "People=Shit", and "Left Behind/Eeyore", as recorded live from Slipknot's show at the London Arena in early February...the show which will be the basis for the band's upcoming dvd. Cranking from Dave's desk at 7:45pm are these three songs. Upon walking by, Dave tells, "You gotta admit, fuckin' first rate." "It's just unbelievable, I'm fuckin' pumped right now. Colin Richardson totally schooled it," he continues. This leads one to question, "Any overdubs on this live recording?" "No FUCKIN' overdubs, dude," Dave snaps back. "100% band with chops that can play. They don't need overdubs, they nailed every song." Yes, Dave was present for the London show in which this was recorded. "Get ready, this is gonna raise the bar for all future live recordings." This is The Production Gospel According to Dave...Phase II is upon us...you have been warned...resistance is futile...Amen. Slipknot dvd coming this fall