Spineshank, currently on the road with Disturbed, can be heard this weekend on "L.A. Lloyd's Rock 30", a 3 hour radio show counting down 30 rock tracks. Our distinguished Spineshank colleagues will be L.A. Lloyds co-hosts for the show this weekend (April 28 or 29, pending where you live). The show airs on 7 stations, perhaps one of them are in your hood. The stations and times of the show are as follows - KZMZ Alexandria, LA Saturday 9-12midnight KZCD Lawton, OK Sunday 12noon-3pm KFMX Lubbock, TX Sunday 4-7pm KNCN Corpus Christi, TX Sunday 6-9pm KBRQ Waco, TX Sunday 6-9pm KFZX Midland/Odessa, TX Sunday 6-9pm KIOC Beaumont, TX Sunday 6-9 pm. To hear what you are getting into, and for more info, check out L.A. Lloyd's Rock 30 website. Signing off for now!