This one goes out to all you web surfers, a bunch of links pointing you towards info on Roadrunner acts. Shall we begin? Here we go: Slipknot - as you already know, Slipknot are making a new album. That is what they are doing. That is why they canceled their pre-Grammy/Masquerade party. Read Shawn's exact words on the matter at A bit on the new album, "It is definitely the Second Coming, and it's just extremely, extremely brutal" tells Shawn Crahan (a k a No. 6, the clown). Read more about it at Wall Of Sound. Fear Factory - Their new album DIGIMORTAL is ready. So what are they doing now? SNOCORE. Check out a couple photos and words on these "legends in the making" known as Fear Factory at Tripod. What's more industrial than Obsolete, yet more intense than Demanufacture? DIGIMORTAL. Read all about it in Burton's words at Chart Attack. Burton also gives a breakdown of the tracks, and what the songs are all about... "So, what exactly is cool about Fear Factory? Well, everything really! Their music is a sonic collection of fierce brutality and technical excellence that it rivaled by few, if any!" Check out an interview with Dino at Music's Bottom Line. Spineshank - Taking metal to the next dimension? Perhaps...You decide...Read an interview with guitarist Mike at Heavy Metal. Sepultura - Are you drawn to the power and reason that metal, punk, and hardcore provide? One NATION of unification. Read what MegaKungFu have to say about Sepultura's upcoming album. and last but not least... Carnivore - Welcome to History 101. Now sit down and shut up. We are going to destroy the world, and this is what it is going to be like - check out MegaKungFu's take on the Carnivore reissues. Happy reading!