Here's a quick rundown on what some our artists are up to outside the general scope of their bands: MAX CAVALERA - A metal project that is being put together by Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters) titled "PROBOT", will feature MAX on some vocal duties. You will also find members from Slayer and Pantera on this May 2001 release. SLIPKNOT - While steadfast at work in Iowa on writing their next LP (no release date named yet, but hoping to get them in the studio come January), a couple members have put together side projects. Drummer Joey (#1), is playing guitar for a band called The Rejects, who are looking to put a release out April 2001. As well, DJ Sid (#0) will be going undercover as DJ STARSCREAM in a solo effort on 1500 Records, which looks like it will be out April 2001 too. COAL CHAMBER - while still at work on writing and rehearsing material for their 3rd LP (no release date deemed as of yet), have also been working on a couple other projects. Dez Fafara is trying his hand out as a producer. He is producing an LP for a Texas band called DIRT, who are looking to release their LP April 2001. Also Dez and Meegs have made guest appearances for the debut OVERSEER LP, which should come out sometime in May 2001.