As Ratt ready the release of their 7th studio album Infestation, drummer Bobby Blotzer checks in with to talk about the making of the album.

Writes the site, "RATT first came on the scene in the early eighties and wasted no time carving their own niche into Los Angeles’ highly competitive music scene. Even to this day, the band’s name and musical legacy remain ingrained in the fabric of the Sunset Strip’s most notorious era. The members of this extraordinary band are living proof that some people listen to rock n’ roll and some have it coursing through their veins. Such is the case with legendary drummer Bobby Blotzer. Celebrating his 28th year in RATT, Blotzer has provided the crushing backbeat to the band’s biggest hits and shows no signs of slowing down. As the band prepares to unleash it’s 7th studio album, ‘Infestation,’ Jason Price of Icon Vs. Icon sat down with the infamous drummer to discuss the new album, his thoughts on the band’s longevity, his autobiography ‘Tales of a RATT: Things You Shouldn’t Know’ and much more!"

On the recording process taking place outside of LA, Blotzer says, "Our producers got a studio over in Virginia Beach right on the beach itself, he wanted us to do it there because it’s an account for the studio and he’s used to the studio. It’s pretty much removed from the city itself which I liked, it’s out on this peninsula island. It’s a white sand beach, beautiful water and the tracking room had a big double slider on it so you could see the white sand and water. It was inspiring, very relaxing and we were all staying at this home. He had like 6 rooms with tv and phone in each, it was almost like 6 little hotel rooms inside that house that he built the studio addition onto. So it was fun, we’d get up first thing and have our coffee and start rolling. By one o’clock we’d be rollin tape and we’d record till about eight or nine at night and then we’d start barbecuing. It was pretty bitchin’ actually! [laughs]"

As for where this album fits with the band's career, Blotzer says, "I definitely think it’s in the same ballpark as Out of the Cellar and Invasion (Invasion of Your Privacy), I’d put it in between those two records. This is a good thing. I’m definitely not one to tell people “Oh, this is the best thing ever.” if it’s not great. I’m not going to just hype it up. I’ll do interviews for it, like the last one that we did. I liked that record. Do I think it was a great RATT record? No, I didn’t think it was a great RATT record."

On working with new guitarist Carlos Cavazo on songwriting for the first time, Blotzer explains, "Well he’s real easy to work with, it’s like he just wants to learn. It’s like he is Switzerland. Rob is Canada. Me, Stephen and Warren are Russia, Germany and Korea. I don’t know. [laughs] It helps to keep things going in a metal way. Carlos had a couple of song ideas that ended up on the record. The first one, “Best of Me” is now a single. He’s very open minded, that’s what I like about him and Robbie in general."

Read on as Blotzer explains more about Ratt's reformation, revival, and new album right here.

Infestation is out 4/20. Pre-order your copy of the crushing album with some bonus extras now!