As reported on, "Ratt drummer Bobby Blotzer has known Bret Michaels for nearly a quarter-century, and in that time, he's had more than his fair share of good times with the Poison frontman.

But when Michaels was rushed to the hospital last week after suffering a brain hemorrhage, the memories of those good times took a backseat to genuine concern for his friend's health.

In a statement to MTV News, Blotzer said that he was shocked to learn of Michaels' hospitalization, and hoped that his friend would recover quickly.

"The news of what happened to my friend of 24 years, Bret, came as a shock and with much anxiety," Blotzer said. "Bret is a gentleman and friend to not only his peers and close personal friends, but to all fans and people around the world. Speedy full recovery soon!"

Read the whole article right here, and join Bobby in wishing Bret Michaels a speedy recovery.