Over 11 years since their last album, Ratt emerge as if they've never left with their crushing return-to-form album Infestation. Fitting in with the album's sonic swagger, the band set their record release party last Tuesday for the very part of Los Angeles that bore the band and their image nearly 30 years ago: The Sunset Strip. ArtistDirect.com was on hand to take in the sold out red carpet event, writing:

"Ratt steamrolled their way through an hour-long set at their former stomping grounds of The Key Club on Sunset in West Hollywood. While on paper, it sounds like you could OD on nostalgia, the reality of the situation was that Ratt still have the chops and the moxie to pound out songs that are catchier than an STD and hookier than a tacklebox.

The show was completely sold out, with members of Atreyu on site. Even Tom Morello from Rage Against the Machine was in attendance, taking in the shred of one Warren DeMartini. You may be all cynical, bitter and jaded, thinking Ratt's heyday may be well in the rear view, but the still play with the skill and energy of 20-year-old men and it appears that with Infestation, a resurgence is in the works and that 2010 could be the year of the Ratt. The band played classics like "Way Cool Jr" and "Back For More." They closed the set with "Round and Round," which featured a blast of confetti raining down on the stage and the crowd. The band elected to play five new cuts from Infestation, such as "Best of Me" and "A Little Too Much," each of which could have been released in 1989. These songs, however, are dated or clinging to the past; they just have what made Ratt one of the biggest bands of their time and that's songwriting skill. They could have played all night and we'd never have gotten bored."

Stay tuned for more Ratt n' Roll footage from the Sunset Strip coming soon and get your copy of Infestation right here!