In a recent interview with, former Quiet Riot/ current Ratt guitarist Carlos Cavazo talks about auditioning for the band, coming up alongside them in the 80s, and writing the new record Infestation.

Says Cavazo, "I did go through an audition process. I think the guys just wanted to check me out... I hadn't seen them in about ten years and I could have been 500 pounds for all they knew."

As for how he got called to audition in the first place, Cavazo explains, "Warren [DeMartini] was actually the guy that called me about the vacancy. He got my number from Vinnie Appice at some club in L.A. that they hung out at."

Discussing the resulting album from his union with Ratt, Cavazo says, "When we were writing for the album we talked, and the goal was to come up with stuff that was true to the classic Ratt sound and come up with great new songs that weren't '80s sounding but could also fit in with what is current today, and I think we did a pretty good job in that regard... It kind of fell into place because we are from the same era, everything just fell into place. Warren and I love the same guitarists, we like the same stuff, there's chemistry there and I think you can hear it on the album as well as live."

Read more insights from Cavazo right here, pre-order your copy of Ratt's Infestation NOW and check out two songs from the upcoming crusher below.