Apparently, soccer star Alexi Lalas is a major Ratt fan. Indeed, he admits as much in the introduction to his list of Top 10 Ratt songs on!

Says Lalas, "I’m a life-long Ratt fan. Ratt is, without question,  my favorite band. I say that with no hesitation, hipster irony or inside joke smirk. From the moment I first heard them as a teenager, tucked away in the Detroit suburbs, they were mine. Never as raw as Motley, never as glam as Poison and never as pop as Bon Jovi, Ratt just seemed to perfectly fit what I wanted from a Sunset Strip rock band. Instantly recognizable vocals; guitar riffs and solos that resonated even after the song was done; big drums up front in the mix; bass that laid down an unwavering foundation; and great production that pulled it all together guaranteeing it would infest your ears. It was all there for me. And even now as a forty-two year old father, my love of Ratt shows no signs of abating. However, asking me to pick Ratt’s 10 best songs invites far more pain than joy. I’ve tried to come up with the 10 that best represent why I love this band. My one concession to my obsession is that I omitted ‘Round And Round’ which is, to most, Ratt’s calling card and finest moment. The song remains a pure pop-rock gem. It’s iconic and deserves to be separated. I hope you understand.”

As a sample, here's what he had to say about "Eat Me Up Alive," from the band's 2010 album Infestation: "Ratt’s first album in over 10 years…and it was very good. If it had been released after Detonator the good times may have kept on rolling. ‘Eat Me Up Alive’ is what ‘You’re In Love’ never evolved into. It also reflects what has always seemingly been a constant struggle that [Stephen] Pearcy has waged trying to reconcile his desire to be more metal despite his obvious pop sensibilities. The verses and pre-chorus are raw and dissonant but the chorus is the pure pop payoff… but like a Reeses cup, it works."

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Ratt's Infestation is available everywhere now - grab a copy from the Roadrunner webstore!