Having just released their 9th studio album, Korn III: Remember Who You Are, Bakersfield, Calif. natives Korn looked to their early career for inspiration. In tapping famed producer Ross Robinson who manned the boards on their meteorite-like debut and follow-up, Korn III not only recalls where the band began, but also shows fans where they're going. Of course we're biased though, so here's what the critics had to say about the crushing July 13th release:

Rock Sound writes, "‘…Remember Who You Are’ grinds with a righteous, down-tuned fury that signals the band moving with a common purpose. The rumbling grooves of ‘Oildale (Leave Me Alone)’ and ‘Move On’ remind you of everything you ever loved about Korn, while ‘Let The Guilt Go’ is an absolute monster and will easily go toe-to-toe against mosh anthems like Slipknot’s ‘Duality’ and Drowning Pool’s ‘Bodies’ without breaking a sweat. Super producer Ross Robinson has been given the unenviable task of bottling lightning, and he’s certainly earned his money this time round; from Jonathan Davis’ tortured, primal yelps to the pounding drums and a bass sound that ebbs and flows violently through your extremities. Damn, you can even hear the sound of fingers moving along guitar strings as the album crushes and crunches around you. Track for track ‘…Remember Who You Are’ is easily the equal of any of their fi rst three classic albums and sees these freaks back off the leash again."

Billboard.com cites that, "A subtitle like "Remember Who You Are" implies a blast back to the past. That may be just what Korn intended by bringing back Ross Robinson, who produced the heavy rockers' first two albums. But "Korn III" (a reference to this lineup as the third incarnation of the band) moves forward more than it retrenches, referencing some stylistic trademarks while introducing some fresh dynamic sensibilities. It's the likely result of adding touring drummer Ray Luzier as a permanent member as well as stripping away the experimental excursions of 2007's untitled album in favor of a punchier and more direct approach this time out. Frontman Jonathan Davis, who started 'Korn III' as a concept album before shifting gears, is still a ball of rage--'This is the time for truth and pain' he declares on the track 'Holding All These Lies.' And the rest of Korn pushes that fury on such densely textured fusillades as 'The Past,' 'Let the Guilt Go,' 'Are You Ready to Live?' and opener 'Oildale (Leave Me Alone).'"

Giving the album 4.5 out 5 stars, Spin Magazine writes, "Following a synthed-up self-titled album and one they made with Avril Lavigne producers the Matrix, Korn go back to nü-metal basics on the aptly titled Remember Who You Are, which was produced by rap-rock OG Ross Robinson. Remarkably, a decade and a half of weird-kid worship hasn’t brightened frontman Jonathan Davis’ outlook; 'I always get fucked in the end!' he howls rather definitively in 'Fear Is a Place to Live.' His persistent self-flagellation could do with more hooks, but Remember packs pain by the pound."

ArtistDirect.com contends, "Korn III — Remember Who You Are is completely for the fans. It's got that gripping catharsis that made millions of people believers on Korn and Life Is Peachy. However, Korn stand even stronger than they did during those first two Ross Robinson-produced masterpieces. Korn practically crucified themselves to create this offering though, and the results make for a modern metal classic. Korn III — Remember Who You Are brings listeners back to the heart of Bakersfield with the band... Korn aren't just dangerous here; they're fucking deadly…"

Meanwhile Noisecreep puts the album in context, stating, "The only thing hotter than the July sun is the scorching hot metal that's filling retail shelves and digital platforms. July 13 is front loaded with some of the biggest metal releases of the summer season -- namely Korn's 'Korn III – Remember Who You Are,' which was produced by Ross Robinson, who helmed the controls for their first two, genre-defining efforts."

Pick-up your copy of Korn III: Remember Who You Are at this location, or if you're heading out to see the band live at Mayhem, pick up your copy of the album at the Fest to secure your spot in line to meet Korn!