In the first post of a recurring series entitled "Check Your Head," Times of Grace vocalist Jesse Leach has joined metal news site Gun Shy Assassin as a regular contributor, promising to check in from time to time to share his thoughts on a plethora of subjects.

In the first installment in his series, which was posted earlier today, Leach takes his positive outlook to the masses, reminding us of the age-old adage "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."

To preface his forray into online blogging, Leach explains, "So I have decided to make my entrance into the world of online writing or 'blogging,' as it were. Guess we will see how long it lasts…I just wanted to share some of my thoughts — love it or don’t read it, it is what it is..."

Here's a little bit of what he had to say thereafter: "...Why is there so much negativity and “hating” going on in metal, hardcore or extreme music in general? ...Why all of the hate and disrespect of bands? A good amount of people get into heavy or extreme music initially because they feel alienated or need to channel their aggressions. Or perhaps you came from a messed up home life, school life or being just pissed off and dissatisfied with the world around you and metal, punk, and hardcore is a great release.

We all have a common thread that binds us together: the love of the music! So what drives someone to say ignorant, negative and most times exaggerated things about a musician or a band? I feel some of these people act just like the people they claim to be separating themselves from. Growing up I would hear “this band sucks” or what have you, but that is where it stopped. What is going on today online is the equivalent to a person in the ‘80s and early ‘90s making fliers up that bad-mouthed a band and then put them up all over their neighborhood, town or city.

It sounds funny, I know; but think about it. Before the Internet, bands had to really work hard to get their music out there. The only people who were able to comment on the music were people who worked for magazine publications, or if you were really passionate, you wrote a fanzine. (For the kids who don’t know what a fanzine is, here is a generic explanation). My point is it took effort, and being that it took effort, there was thought put into it. The problem is that with the Internet, there is little effort and a much larger impact..."


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Times of Grace have just released their first single "Strength in Numbers" digitally. Pick up your MP3 at this location, and stay tuned for more from the band coming very soon.

The band's debut album The Hymn of a Broken Man will be released January 18th, 2011. Until then, every Friday we will be unveiling a short clip of each song on the album and the stunning visual accompaniment that will be included with the special edition. Check out the first offering and title-track below, and be sure to come back to tomorrow for the second clip.