This upcoming Monday (02/18), Killswitch Engage's A&R Rep here at Roadrunner will be flying to Leeds in the UK, to join up with mixer Andy Sneap and KsE drummer/producer Adam Dutkiewitz in their grand quest on mixing and mastering the upcoming Alive, Or Just Breathing? release. Once again, in the UK. What else is in the UK? Well, outside of umbrellas and odd looking caps on their officers' of the law, there is a great music mag that goes by the name of KERRANG!. And, in the most recent issue of KERRANG!, they reveal the winners from their annual Readers' Poll. Here are a couple notes of interest: Ill Nino - come in at #4 under the Best New Band category... Slipknot - rank #5 under the Best Gig category... Wayne Static - #1 under the category of Worst how in the hell someone with a full head of hair takes in cake here, the world may never know... Slipknot, IOWA - ranks #2 in the Best Album category... Limp Bizkit - #1 under the Worst Band category, for the 2nd year in a row. Oh, and it is also worth mentioning they also happen to be ranked #8 under the Best Band category... Slipknot, "Left Behind" - #2, Best Video. #3, Best Single... Gwen Stefani - #2 Female Babe. No surprise there... Jack Daniel's & Budweiser - BOTH rank in the Top 5 under the Best Drink category. That's good, that's very good. A Bud and Jack salute to Ill Nino and Slipknot - Congratulations on your KERRANG! Readers' Poll 2001 rankings...and to the music and times to come.