Today we are happy to offer up a new download from Killswitch Engage, a track called "Numbered Days". What can be said? Read on... "Numbered Days" is a hint of what's to come from Killswitch Engage. "THE TIME APPROACHES!" screams Jesse Leach as the band comes storming in. If nothing else, "Numbered Days" is a scream-to-arms. A cry for purification. Desperate music for desperate times. If the song is brutal, the sentiment is pure, white and scalding. Listen closely to the lyrics. In light of recent events, this song - which was written and demo'ed last Winter - is especially chilling. "Numbered Days" was among the first songs demoed for KsE's upcoming LP, tentatively titled Alive But Just Breathing. Recorded by drummer and LP producer Adam Dutkiewicz, the demo itself - which was never even mixed! - was recorded very quickly which added to the overall power, tension and vibe of the song. Presently, Killswitch Engage are busily writing their Roadrunner debut with plans to hit the studio at the end of October. Tracks finished at present include: "Numbered Days", "Transfiguration", "Just Barely Breathing", "Pull", "Self-Revolution" and "My Last Serenade". While the LP will also include a rerecorded version of the song "Temple From The Within", the band are also rerecording the songs "In The Unblind" and "Vide Infra" from their Ferret Records debut. Once the record is finished, the band will convene with metal mixer extrodinaire, Andy Sneap (Machine Head, Stuck Mojo, Skinlab, Arch Enemy) to deliver a record that one RR staffer is calling "Roadrunner's most credible record since Roots." See the MUSIC section for the goods.