This past weekend, in the booming metropolis that is Worcester, MA., over 4000 metal and hardcore fans congregated at the Palladium for a weekend of fucking loud music. Starting Friday (04/05) @ 3pm, people packed in to see over 50 bands play on 2 stages during the course of the next 48 hours. Though only one Roadrunner act played the festival - Killswitch Engage - Roadrunner Records was represented in three different ways: 1) Killswitch Engage, of course. For the third year running, Killswitch Engage played the festival - for the first time, they played the main stage. Friday night at 8:30pm, it all started for KsE. Like something out of an old NYC Biohazard show during the Urban Discipline era, the sides of the stage were packed - filled with the likes of Shadows Fall & Poison The Well, among other acts, and friends. interesting fact: though one could not tell, vocalist Jesse, whom had been sick for a couple days before the show, actually puked on the side of the stage during the set. Rock. Pictures from the Killswitch Engage set can be found online at Next up for KsE, hitting the road with Candiria - see TOUR section for details...oh, and a great lil' fuckin' album by the name of Alive Or Just Breathing in stores starting May 21st. 2) Overcast. KsE bassist Mike D hit the stage with his previous band, Overcast. Mike, apparently wearing a big, shit eatin' grin on his face during this one night reunion set, played with ex-Overcast alumni Brian (current Shadows Fall vocalist) and Pete, whom originally played guitar for KsE. 3) Def Leppard. The 3rd manner in which Roadrunner was represented during this show has to do with Def Leppard - indirectly, that is. Roadrunner employee Carl Severson also happens to be frontman for the hardcore act Nora. Nora also happened to play the festival. Carl, frontman for Nora and Roadrunner employee, also happened to wear a Def Leppard t-shirt during Nora's set. Oh, and a picture just happens to be HERE. Rock.