'Recovering' is the theme for this doubleDrive update, as the band is currently recovering whilst en route to Peoria from Atlanta...So, what is to tell of the past few days? The band tells the following: "Ft. Lauderdale, FL - one of the street team kids got their car towed away...Donnie and I ended up leaving around 4am - could not retrieve the car...it was a rockin' show. "St. Petersburg, FL - pretty much sat in Finger Eleven's bus all day playing Halo...the State Theater (venue played) is home of Donnie 'the angry sound guy.' Had a killer mosh pit at the show - good, really rowdy. "Atlanta, GA - then home to Atlanta, which is always good. We went on early, (9 instead of 10). Was last night of tour with Echo 7 and Finger Eleven - we silly stringed em...we got whacked with wet toilet paper on stage. Donnie and Troy went wearing echo 7 panties on the head, Finger Eleven got the glitter treatment. After that, we drank ALL the beer at the Cotton Club, then ALL the beer at the Pink Pony...then to Mike's loft, and drank ALL the beer there. "Then it was a much needed day off, now onto Peoria... "We'll be leaving later this month to hit Australia. Our first time. We'll be there for nine days - shows in Melbourne and Sidney and a whole lotta press - then coming back and right onto the road in the U.S. again."