Yes, this is a Nickelback story, but not A Lesson From The Silver Side (new one of those to come later this week). This is a message to remind you that whilst on the road, Nickelback will be asking for a nickel back at their merch table, or whatever you can spare - All money donated at the shows will be presented and given to "The New York Firefighter 9-11 Disaster Relief Fund" (IAFF) during Nickelback's show on 11/30 at the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC. This is also a message to point out a previous faux pas on our part, though not intentional. On A LESSON FROM THE SILVER SIDE - pt VII we wrote that the above collections would start on 11/01 in Boise...well, we lied. If you were looking for the collection plate at the show, due to troubles with FedEx, it did not arrive. Tonight (11/05) in Lincoln, NE the canning will commence. Keep your eyes peeled and give what you can. random fact - again, not A Lesson From The Silver Side, but you are entitled to some random fact before this week's posting. Do you know where Nickelback got their name? Well, apparently back in Vancouver, someone in the band worked at Starbucks. All the prices there were $2.95 or $3.95 or $ get the idea, everything ended in 95 cents. Hence, said member working there would spend all day saying "here's your nickel back". Well, that is where the name Nickelback was conceived...And, coincidentally enough, is reason why this effort to aid in the disaster relief is asking you to give a 'nickel back', or whatever it is you can spare. Get it? Good... new release Silver Side Up in stores now