Folks, it is with great pleasure that we bring you the following information - CONFIRMED RELEASE DATES (at least as confirmed as confirmed can get in this business). Of course, you are already aware of Slipknot's IOWA coming out on August 28th and Nickelback's Silver Side Up coming out on September let's take a look a little deeper into the crystal ball...5 release dates for acts that we have been talking about on this site for quite some time now. They are as follows: ILL NINO REVOLUTION...REVOLUCION - street 9/18 SPINESHANK The Height Of Callousness DIGIPAK (with four extra tracks and 2 videos) - street 9/25 DEICIDE IN TORMENT IN HELL - street 9/25 FAUST (The Original Soundtrack) - street 9/25 CHIMAIRA PASS OUT OF EXISTENCE - street 10/2