Thoughts on an incredible creation coming from a small studio in Westfield, Mass. So, Killswitch Engage's A&R Rep here at Roadrunner (Mike Gitter) took your's truly into his office early last week to hear the latest of the Killswitch Engage recordings. Four songs he played - "Temple From The Within", "Transfiguration", "My Last Serenade", "Self Revolution". Now, hate to put personal opinion in here, but I do have to say one word, "Wow". At some point while Mike had this new KsE material cranking, his phone rang. Without turning the music down even a fraction of a decibel, Mike picked up the can guess that cat on the other side asked "what are you listening to?" "Some shitty band," mused Mike with a smile on his face. Turns out the call on the other line was KsE's current drummer (more to come on that) and producer of the music, Adam Dutkiewitz. With the music still playing, the two discuss dates...calendars get examined...dates are agreed upon...songs titles are listed...and somewhere along the line the words "Eight more days with Jesse" is spoken (meaning 8 more days of vocal tracking is left). The door to Mike's office is open. Sitting on the couch outside just happened to be Machine Head's Robert Flynn (guitar/vocals) and Adam Duce (bass). From their demeanor, expression, and enthusiasm when talking with Mike about the band, you could tell they were impressed with what they were hearing. During his conversation with Robert and Adam, Mike proudly tells "we've put out some very expensive records that don't sound as good as this...and we're only 60% of the way there." Some big sounds are coming from a small studio in Westfield, Mass. Indeed. Since that day last week, Mike reports today (01/15) that KsE is nearing completion of their Roadrunner debut, titled Alive Or Just Breathing. Word is that only vocals on two tracks along with some random touch-up work remain. Did You Know? Adam Dutkiewitz is only the drummer in the band by default. He is actually a guitarist by trade. Apparently, it's true. Carl, our manager of new media at Roadrunner, frankly tells "he's one of those dicks that can do everything." (yes, Carl has known Adam since well before KsE signed with Roadrunner, and he says it in a loving, perhaps even envious tone). Well, with recording almost complete, word has it Killswitch Engage is readying a new touring line-up that brings drummer Adam D. out from behind the kit to play GUITAR. While, the change is not totally 100% just yet, it looks as if KsE is adding drummer Tom Gomes, who played drums with Adam and fellow six-stringer Joel in the defunct metalcore mob, Aftershock. Says bassist Mike D'antonio of the much needed line-up shift: "Things are clicking... we are having a blast with the new songs.... should know soon if the 5 piece is set in stone." Once again, weirdly enough, Adam is a guitarist first and a drum leviathan in Killswitch by default. Adam's shift to rhythm guitar has been something the band has long been discussing and it looks as if Killswitch Engage has found the right man for the job.