As we near the January 26th release date for Las Vegas-based rockers Taking Dawn's debut album Time to Burn, the positive reviews are flooding in. asks, "Do you miss rocking out in your Trans-Am, while wearing sunglasses and cranking your stereo to show off for the ladies? Well, that’s where Taking Dawn comes in to take you back to those days."

When discussing the title-track, sums it up best: "it’s bound to get stuck in your head." The reviewer continues, "Having had a chance to soak in the rest of the album, I find myself infinitely more intrigued than at first listen. On first spin, one is instantly struck with a return to 80’s hair metal. But to peg them as simply a glam throw back would be a disservice to the quartet. The band certainly embraces that vintage 80’s metal flare, but they blend it nicely with a modern feel and vibe. Crisp guitars with winding melodies and high-impact drumming."

If you can't wait til January 26th to get your copy of Time to Burn, check the pre-order right here. Don't miss the band on tour this winter with Theory of a Deadman,  and if you haven't seen the scandalous video for the title-track yet, watch it right here: