So, what did you do this past Holiday Season? Hmmmm? We can tell ya one thing that went on in Slipknot's camp - the band went back into the studio to re-record a version of "My Plague", a track off their latest release IOWA. End use for this newly recorded track has yet to be determined, but surely details will follow soon. In other Slipknot news, coming down from our webmistress in the UK, word has it there is going to be a brand new Slipknot 1 hour special on VH1 on Friday (01/04) at 12 midnight. For us U.S. folk, this probably doesn't pertain to us, only the VH1 in the UK. If you are in the UK, check it out...if not in the UK, you can still give it a try. European Slipknot tour starts in just over two weeks... new release IOWA in stores now