Revolver magazine's end-of-year issue will be out tomorrow, the same day as Korn's new studio album, The Path of Totality - and they've named it their Album of the Year!

In an exclusive interview on, Korn frontman Jonathan Davis responds to this honor, and goes into great detail about the recording process behind The Path of Totality.

Says Davis, "The album is getting people to have an open mind and just accept that this is the future–accept the change. And once they do that, after we do our shows, ’cause we play a full set–we split our set up into three different sets, then we do a full set of the new record, we do five songs of the new stuff–and during that time they’re kind of like, What’s going on? But by the end of it, the last song, the whole place is going crazy. I’ve gotta take it to the people and they’ve gotta see it with their own eyes, or hear the record, and then they’re gonna be like, What the fuck?!"

Click here to read the full interview - it's long, and well worth it.

The Path of Totality will be in stores tomorrow - click to get it on iTunes, or click here to preorder it now from Hot Topic, and get a free autographed litho - but hurry, because there are only 100 lithos left for preorder!