They say if you say it, you will jinx we are happy to announce that recording of the Chimaira Roadrunner debut, Pass Out Of Existence, is right on schedule. Here is the latest word on their current studio sessions - As previously written, all drum tracks are complete. As for the guitar and bass tracks, all have been completed with the exception of one track - a cover of the Cure's "Fascination Street". Which, many of you may have already heard online, but word is that Chimaira's latest version of this track has changed drastically since that last recording. This brings us to vocals. Chimaira frontman Mark Hunter tells that vocals have been completed on six tracks thus far - "Let Go", "Sphere", "Dead Inside", "Options", and "Painting The White To Grey". Interesting Fact - to get the properly pissed attitude whilst recording vocals, Mark is "basically in a hole" as he describes. It is kind of the equivalent of being in a broom closet. Mark adds "no one can see me and I can't see anybody. It's a very good atmosphere to do vocals in." This "hole" is equipped with a spit bucket. Apparently Mark spits a lot while singing, so the bucket was one luxury item he afforded himself to bring into the "hole" with him. Chimaira is scheduled to finish and be out of the studio come April 21st. Mixing for this record is slated to commence May 1st at NRG studios in North Hollywood, CA. More info on the album to come later this week.