So, what do you know? Well, if you are lucky enough to live in Jersey, or its surrounding area, you had the chance to check out this past Sunday's (08/19) Riverfront Rampage, WSOU's 15th Anniversary show which we have been talking about. How did it go? Our very own Carl (yes, he happens to live in Jersey) was at the show yesterday, and here is what he had to tell (note: a second review as written by Killswitch Engage & Ill Nino's A&R Rep Mike Gitter, including photos, will be posted tomorrow): The Riverfront was indeed Rampaged yesterday at the WSOU 15th aniversary show. With a line up boasting some of best new bands today along with some heavy hitters we all love (Misfits, Biohazard, VOD) it's not surprising that it was an imressive turn out. What was surprising, however, was that at noon when I rolled up (Jersey style of course), the parking lot was already full. Well actually, the one open parking lot was full, and the ample lots all around the stadium were blocked off and empty. So after about 30 minutes of driving in circles through lovely Newark, NJ looking for parking that didn't exist, I decided to follow suit with some other fed up attenedees, just opened a parking lot (it wasn't looked, how nice) and parked. I managed to get inside just in time to catch Roadrunner's newest KILLSWITCH ENGAGE. I looked down at the field in front of the stage and through to myself, 'Hmmm... kinda a shitty turn out' but then I realized that you apparently needed a special ticket to get onto the field. Kinda sucked as most kids didn't know that and spent the day in the bleachers wishing security would look the other way. Back to KSE, they rocked. Kicking out some new material which we can look forward to on their Roadrunner debut and some older material from their first record. I can't wait to hear the new stuff. A couple hours and some early afternoon beers later, CHIMAIRA hit the stage. Now, outside sound sucks, it's just how it is. Whether you're at Ozzfest or in someone's back yard, it just sucks, but the boys sounded good, really really good. The pit opened up and Marc owned the place. Apparently whoever reads this site also downloads music off of it because the material off Pass Out Of Existence went over like old favorites. Other stand-outs of the day? God Forbid, Lamb of God, Thursday and Shadows Fall all delivered brutal sets. Well Thursday aren't really the brutal type, more rock, definitly good stuff. New Jersey's own ILL NINO kicked off the remainder of the evening in the first headling spot. It's been awhile since I've seen ILL NINO and I was completely blown away, non stop energy made for a relentless stage presence. The kids were definitly there to take care of their own as the place went nuts. Shortly after ILL NINO's set the kids decided being in the stands sucked and about 300 kids rushed the floor. Must admit, it was pretty impressive to watch. Far as I could tell security refrained from kicking anyone's ass so all was well and good. After that it was looking like go home time for me. While there were still great sets left, no sleep the night before left me thinking Monday morning was really going to suck and I bailed. I did get to see a cop on horseback mash some drunk dude against a wall... with the horse. That's gotta suck, hundreds of pounds of annoyed horse holding you against a wall. If you were there and didn't stop by the Roadrunner table to meet the bands (all were hanging out all day with fans and us label low-lives), hit up our message board, they stop by now and then to shot the shit.