The members of our street team, the Roadrunner Road Crew, are hugely important to us and our bands. They promote shows across the country, handing out posters and sampler CDs and getting people out to see Roadrunner acts, and the artists and staff appreciate them tremendously. To show our appreciation, we're going to spotlight one Road Crew member every few weeks. Our first crew member we want you to meet (and look out for at shows) is John Deangelis of Warwick, Rhode Island.

Favorite Roadrunner Bands: 
I love Stone Sour, Rush, and Airbourne has a great sound also. I just love live music; I will see anybody at least once.

Upcoming Shows He'll Be Seeing: Stone Sour
, Dream Theater, any KISS shows in the area as they are my favorite band. KISS Kruise 4, I go every year. Mayhem Fest along with any metal or rock shows that come to RI, MA, or CT. Hoping to be at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame show this year. 

Last Road Crew Mission Accomplished: 
I worked on promoting The Devil Wears Prada's tour and it was awesome meeting the band and taking photos with them with the sampler CDs that Roadrunner sent us.

Favorite Promotional Tool: 
My favorite would be guitar picks. Every fan always wants a pick from their favorite band from the show. Posters are easy to promote with and hand out to fans as they wait to meet the band.

Favorite Local Music Stores and Shops: 
I mostly like the mom and pop shops or flea markets to get my deals, but Newbury Comics is also a fun store.

Favorite Hobbies or Other Interests: 
Going to live shows and concerts. It's my way of letting go and relaxing. It's my outlet. I also collect guitar picks and KISS memorabilia.

Favorite Part About Being a Road Crew Member: 
My favorite part is going to all the concerts and meeting the bands. I would do it anyway, but now I get to help the bands I listen to. I'm hoping this is one day leading to bigger things, as this is like my dream job.

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