They do it in Europe every damn year, now it's time for its goodness to hit the states. Huh? We speak of the annual European Road Rage, only this time, it's in the US. And it goes like this: MACHINE HEAD & CHIMAIRA TO CO-HEADLINE THE SUMMER/FALL 2004 ROAD RAGE TREK New York, NY - Roadrunner Records is proud to announce 2004's installment of the ever-popular international touring phenomenon, ROAD RAGE. Metal titans Machine Head and Chimaira, will co-headline the 4-band bill that will run through the US from early August through mid-September 2004. Supporting acts will be Roadrunner's newest, 3 Inches Of Blood and Trivium. The bands are very excited to be touring together again, a sentiment shown in Machine Head's Dave McClain's missive “Ever since the 2001 Road Rage tour we've not only remained friends with the Chimaira guys, but we're also huge fans and are proud to share the stage with them one more time. This will prove to be THE best metal tour out there this summer.” This is a sentiment echoed by Chimaira's Mark Hunter “Saying it is an honor to hit the road again with Machine Head would be an understatement. Not only are these guys family to us, but they are THE best live band out there right now. I just caught their show in LA on the Weapons of Mass Destruction tour and it was so good it forced a 10 year pit retiree to put his gloves back on one more time and fuck dudes up. It was that good!” There is love for the baby-bands on the bill as well – Canadian metallers, 3 Inches of Blood and Orlando's Trivium. Hunter adds of the openers “Sharing the stage with Trivium and 3 Inches of Blood will rock because they are both incredible up-and-coming metal bands. We can't wait to help them get the exposure they deserve.” 3 Inches Of Blood will be rocking the road to advance their upcoming album ADVANCE AND VANQUISH due out 9/28 and Trivium to preview their as-yet-untitled 2005 release. That being said, check out the following two pics, one of Machine Head, and the other of Chimaira. See you at the shows.