Starting October 14th in Nottingham, UK, the European version of the Roadrunner ROADRAGE tour is slated to begin. The line up is to be Killswitch Engage, 36 Crazyfists, and Five Pointe O. BUT, what also is happening is the release of a ROADRAGE DVD. Tis a dvd featuring 20 classic Roadrunner videos, past and present. The line up shapes up as follows: 01. Murderdolls 'Dead In Hollywood' 02. Stone Sour 'Get Inside' 03. Slipknot 'Left Behind (Director's Cut)' 04. Soulfly 'Seek'N'Strike' 05. Killswitch Engage 'My Last Serenade' 06. Ill Nino 'What Comes Around' 07. Coal Chamber 'Fiend' 08. Spineshank 'New Disease' 09. Five Pointe O 'Double X Minus' 10. 36 Crazyfists 'Slit Wrist Theory' 11. Fear Factory 'Replica' 12. Machine Head 'Crashing Around You' 13. Sepultura 'Territory' 14. Life of Agony "Through and Through" 15. Type O Negative 'Black #1' 16. Dry Kill Logic 'Nightmare' 17. Nickelback 'How You Remind Me' 18. Sinch 'Something More' 19. Jerry Cantrell 'Anger Rising' 20. Anyone 'Don't Wake Me' In the UK, one will be able to pick this up for a "mere" £7.99, or "utterly free" if you buy 3 Roadrunner cd's for £20. Release date for this piece is September 16th. However, much like the upcoming Roadrage tour, this too is European only (i.e. it will not be released in the US). BUT, do know that we are currently in negotiations with INTL to get some of these bad boys for web giveaways... for full ROADRAGE tour info, see our tour section