It started October 14th in Nottingham and is ending November 27th in Brighton...what do we speak of??? The European Roadrage Tour, featuring Killswitch Engage, Five Pointe O, and 36 Crazyfists. As this is being written, the bands are in Frankfurt, Germany. Speaking of Germany, reviews from the Roadrage Stuttgart show are in, and one goes a little something like this: Vee have seen ze German Roadrage show, und ist like Scheisse...und das Scheisse ist gut (GOOD). And just your luck, we now have some video footage from the above tour - check out our VIDEO section for the 'Roadrage' video piece under Killswitch Engage. This is a promo video piece from Kerrang! TV containing interview snippets and live clips of all three bands from the UK shows. "A rockin' good time that'll jiggle your sack left and right." - Adam D. (KsE), quote from the above video (replace 'sack' with 'tits' if you are female).