Back in February we launched the brand new with much excitement from the team here. In the ensuing three months we've found that all of the planning and energy that went into it were largely successful. Our metrics have, overall, been pretty good, in-depth use of the site has increased, and generally we feel we're better able to capitalize on our traffic to market our bands. In fact I think our only misstep was combining everything into a media section. Individual music and video sections are coming back very soon! 

Part of the plan was always to better server our mobile and tablet visitors. The level of traffic from these devices wasn't great, but clearly their explosion across all parts of the web is just around the corner. Knowing this is coming gave us a goal, but choosing the method of solving that problem took some time.

Our artist sites, for instance, currently use a mobile framework that simplifies the content into more of an app-like look and feel. This is certainly a valid method, but has its own problems and constraints. Another idea catching fire over the last 12 - 18 months has been responsive web design. Using this method, the site essentially knows how it's being viewed and adjust the content to fit. 

This was the method we chose and we hope you enjoy the experience! It will be coming to our artist sites, too, in the near future.